Shahadat of Farzandane Muslim A.S

Rauza of Farzandan-e-Muslim in Musayyab

After the shahadat of Janabe Muslim , his two sons , Mohammad & Ibrahim (7 & 8 years old) were also arrested and put in an underground prison for almost a year.

For a whole year they lived on just bread and water. Suffering the tortures day by day , one night one brother said to his younger brother that they should reveal their identity to the jailer , perhaps he would let them go free. The jailer whose name was Mashkoor then came that night as usual with the bread and water , the children of Janabe Muslim asked him gently:

"Dear man are you familiar with Mohammad-e-Arabi(S.A.W)"? At once the jailer answered: "Of course I am . I read the kalma too". The children continued: "Are you familiar with Jíaffar-e-Tayyar? "Oh yes", he answered and said: "I beleive he was the cousin brother of our Prophet S.A.W and was martyred during the battle of Moítaa as his both arms were cut off but he was given two wings in heaven by Allah". The children then asked: "Are you also aware of Hazrat Ali A.S"? At once he answered: "Oh yes , He is my true master. Hearing these answers the children now told him that they were also connected to this holy family and that their father was Janabe Muslim Ibne Aqeel who recently was martyred in Kufa.

When Mashkoor had paid attention to their introduction he asked them to forgive him and now released them from the prison and said :"You are free to go but be sure to follow the road to Madina because you will be safe there." After the liberation the children came out in the dark and wandered in the night in the hope to find their way to Madina. At day-break they came near a river where there was a tree , on which they climbed up to hide from the enemies.

After a while a woman came to this river to get some water when she bent down to fill her bowl with water she saw the reflection of the two young boys. She looked up and told them kindly to come down and then asked them to come with her and that they should not be afraid becuase her landlady was a kind lady so kind that she would perhaps free her. The children accompanied the woman to the house of Harith. The goodhearted wife of Harith welcomed them and washed the children's faces ,combed their hair and then gave them food. The children wasn't given so much food for a long time so they were really very hungry. They thanked God for this meal and later the wife of Harith put them in bed in a separated room. The two brothers embraced eachother and then went to sleep.

Very Late that night Harith came home, he was breathless and tired and his wife asked him what was going on? He answered, "Iíve heard that the two sons of J.Muslim have escaped from the prison and Ibne Ziad has announced a reward of 2000 dirhams to the one who manages to arrest them. I have searched everywhere but with no luck." Listening to him his goodhearted wife tried to talk sense with him and asked him: "Why do you wish to take part in killing them? What are you going to answer the Prophet S.A.W at the day of Judgement?

But he wouldnít listen to her. Anyhow she served him the food and then Harith went to bed. In the middle of the night one of the children woke up and awakened his elder brother and told him that he had a vision in which he saw that the holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa S.A.W , Hazrat Ali A.S and Hazrat Imam Hasan A.S were asking our father J.Muslim why he had come alone and left us among our enemies. The younger brother continued and said:" By this dream I can tell that our lives are coming to an end." His elder brother agreed to this and said that he had seen a similar dream. They both embraced eachother and cried.

By the noise of their crying, Harith woke him up. He asked his wife where this noise was coming from? She tried to calm him and said that it was probably from the next door. But he insisted that the noise of crying was coming from inside his house. Harith got up from his bed and went to the room where the two children were crying . When he opened the door he found to his surprise the sons of J.Muslim in this room. Now he was furious started and yelled: "The whole day I was looking for you everywhere and look where you are? Hidden under my own roof!!

This butcher grabbed them by their hair and slapped their faces several times. When his wife tried to stop him he hit her and killed her. Harith tied the children to a pillar for the night.

At dawn Harith dragged the children to the river and at first ordered his own son to kill them. When his son approached the children they told him: "Why don't you fear the day of Judgement! On hearing this, he dropped his sword and fled. Now Harith commanded his servant to kill them. But when he came near the children they asked him if he knew who Bilal was? He answered : "Of course I do". The children then said : "We are the children of the holy Prophet S.A.W , when we look at you we see a resemblance of Bilal". Hearing this the servant started to tremble and left .

Now Harith was all alone. Filled with anger he approached the children. The sons of J.Muslim pleaded: "Please donít commit this crime instead sell us in town or take us alive to Ibne Ziad". But Harith refused and said that he wanted to earn his reward and wanted to present their heads before Ibne Ziad . When the children understood this they told him their final wish which was to pray the morningprayer. Harith said : "Your worship will not help you". The children finished their morningprayer hastily. Now the elder brother wished to be the first to be martyred and the younger brother's wish was to be killed before his elder brother.

Harith soon committed the crime and the elder brother's head was taken and the body thrown into the river, then Harith also martyred the younger brother. The elder brother's body floated and didn't drown until the younger brothers body wasnít also thrown into the river. When the both bodies were thrown into the river they embraced eachother and drowned together.

When Harith the butcher came to Ibne Ziad with the heads of the children and told him the whole story , Ibne Ziadís eyes were filled with tears and he asked Harith how he was able to kill these innocent children? Harith answered: " I pay no mercy when I kill and yes, the children tried to stop me. When I was about to kill , they both raised their hands and prayed to God saying: " Our Lord, we ask for justice !"

Ibne Ziad said : "The children's prayer has been answered. Iím going to execute you". He ordered his slave to arrest Harith and to take him near the river to kill him. This slave who was about to execute Harith was a lover of the Ahlul-Bayt. Harith begged him to let him go and tried to bribe him with 10.000 dirhams but this man told him that nothing was going to stop him from killing him. At first he cut off Harith's arms and legs, then pulled his eyes out and then finally killed him.

It is narrated that after the martyrdom of the sons of J.Muslim a farmer who was working near this river , witnessed a veiled black-dressed lady crying. She told the farmer that the bodies of the sons of J.Muslim were in this river and instructed him to carry out their bodies from this river and bury them . The farmer walked towards the river as he was told but when he looked back , the blackdressed lady was gone.

This holy lady couldnít be anyone but Bibi Fatema Zehra S.A! The bodies were buried and their shrine is located in Musayyab in Iraq. Their shahadat is a great grief and on this sorrowful occasion we extend our heartfelt condolences to Imam-e-Zamana A.S and then to all momeneen and momenaat around the world.


Written by Sughra Khatoon daughter of Maulana Maqbool Ahmed.