Moharram mourning begins in Lucknow !

With the sighting of the Moharram moon, the first of Moharram was observed on January 21, 2007. Here in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh in India, Shia Muslims come together at Victoria Street, Nakhas every year to attend five major ‘majlis’ from morning to evening. The congregation attends these five ‘majlis’ from the first of Moharram to the ninth day of Moharram. On the tenth day, a big procession is taken out from Victoria Street to Karbala Talkatora.
Maulana Agha Roohi (at Shia College), Maulana Kalbe Jawwad (at Imambara Ghufran Ma’ab), Maulana Meesam Zaidi (at Imambara Agha Baqar), Maulana Hameedul Hasan (at Madarsa Nazmia) and Maulana Agha Roohi again (at Afzal Mahal) – all of them addressed the major ‘majlis’ at Victoria Street daily on the first nine days of Moharram.

Maulana Agha Roohi
Shia College
Maulana Agha Roohi
Afzal Mahal
Maulana Meesam Zaidi
Agha Baqar Imambara
Maulana Hameedul Hasan
Madarsa Nazmia
Maulana Kalbe Jawwad
Ghufran Ma’ab Imambara

This article is a summary of Victoria Street majlis from the first to ninth of Moharram. It concentrates on ‘fazail’ part of majlis where maulanas explain the virtues and qualities of prophets of Islam, ‘ahlebait’ (family of Prophet Mohammad) and the 12 imams. The ‘azadars’ (mourners) gathered in thousands daily at Victoria Street to listen to the sermons.

By: Raza Hasnain Naqvi (Lucknow)
E-mail: rhnaqvi1@gmail.com