Another Islamic year comes to its end and we are now preparing for the arrival of our new year . The lovers of the AhlulBayt has a different way of welcoming and preparing for the new year compared to what the others do when the Christian year begins. Usually folks all around the world celebrates the arrival of the new year with happy gatherings , fireworks , delicious food and with cheering and laughter.

As our Islamic year approaches our aalims prepare for their recitations of the majalis , they who recite nohay and marsiyeh prepare themselves for their recitation , at home not only men but women and children are encouraged to express their way of performing the azadari . In every shia muslim house everybody is expressing their grief for the martyrs of Karbala.

As the first month of our Islamic year is near , the month of Moharram-ul-Haraam , our hearts fills with deep sorrow and grief for the martyrdom of our beloved Imam Hussain A.S and his companions.

Shias all around the world performs the remembrance of the Tragedy of Karbala and this is how we begin our new year with tears like pearls for our own benefit. If we really express this grief heartly then we may have a chance to have our previous bad deeds and sins forgiven and then maybe the rest of the new year will come out good , but if we just show this expression of grief outside our souls and just get along the others then we are really astrayed from the right path.

These tears for Imam Hussain A.S are not ordinary tears they are our salvation for the Day of Judgement. I believe that it is a bad sign if we begin our year without tears for Imam Hussain A.S really as bad as a baby is born to this world without its scream. If our Islamic new year gives us pain in our hearts in the remembrance of Karbala then we should lean back and be relieved that indeed this is a good sign for our souls.

Every year starts with the memory of the calamities Imam Hussain A.S and His holy family suffered at the plains of Karbala and the sacrifices that were given for the rescuing of Islam , this is also a form of worship and through it we should grab our souls and try to purify them with the tears for Imam Hussain A.S . The story of the Tragedy of Karbala is about to begin once again and will continue till the end of this world.

Its remembrance is a miracle itself , every year millions of momeneen around the world perform the azadari and every year we are hurt by this story as it happened recently that is indeed a miracle. At last we should pray that may Allah accept our azadari and hope that we really reach the true level of extending our condolences on the martyrdom of Imam Hussain A.S to our Living Imam , Imam Muhammad Mehdi A.S , may also Allah hasten His arrival .


Written by Sughra Khatoon daughter of Maulana Maqbool Ahmed.