The Rightful Government Of Imam-e-Qayam A.S

Imam Muhammad Baqir A.S has said :

" Success will not be attained except through sweat and blood. "


Imam Muhammad Baqir A.S has said :

* " The Qayam will enjoin justice . During His time injustice will be done away with. Roads will be safe. Rights will be restored. Complete equality will be enforced. "

* " At that time complete peace will prevail all over the world. None will harm anyone. Fear and anxiety will not exist. Even the wild animals will be moving among the people but will not be harming anyone. People will have love and sympathy for each other. They will equally distribute wealth among themselves. There will no longer exist any poor or needy. No group of people will seek to dominate another group. The elders will show kindness to the youngers and the youngers will respect the elders. All people will be conscientious in their actions and decisions. "

* " Love , kindness , righteousness and brotherhood will prevail. There will be no question of deceiving or ill-treating anybody , complete sincerity and cordiality will exist. "

* " When the Qayam will rise , such genial sincerity and cordiality will come into being that one will take out whatever one requires from the pocket of another person and that person will not mind it at all. "

* " Every kind of weakness , disease and disability will disappear. "

* " As regards those who will be living during the time of the Qayam , their sick will recover and their weak will gain strength. "

* " All the blind and the crippled will be cured and the sufferers will be relieved of their suffering. "

* " A world government characterised by justice and righteousness will be established. It will extend from the East to the West. All people will live under it in an atmosphere of peace , justice and prosperity. "

* " Cordial relations will exist among the believers all over the world. It will appear as if from one end of the world to the other they see each other , speak to each other and co-operate with each other. "