We present this part of our site which is a shy and modest piece of work to our Hidden Living Imam in hope for His acceptance . Our 12th Imam A.S , the Last and Final Successor of our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa S.A.W and the Awaited Saviour who will bring justice , peace and harmony to this world. We are all obliged to acquire knowledge of our present Imam as our Holy Prophet S.A.W has said :

"One who dies without recognizing the Imam of his time, dies the death of ignorance."

We hope that we can be able to shed light on some important facts connected to our Holy Imam of the Age especially for the benefit of our new generation.

All information is taken from these books:

1. Bihar-ul-Anwaar volnr.11(By Allama Majlisi)

2. Bihar-ul-Anwaar volnr.12(By Allama Majlisi)

3. The Living Imam(By Yousuf N.Lalljee)

4. Philosophy of Islam(By Dr.Behechti & Dr.Bahonar)

5. Paykar-e-Noor(By M.Husain Mehzar)

6. Naqaushe Ismat(By Allama Jawadi)

7. Chaudah Sitaare(By Maulana Najmul-Hasan)

In conclusion we raise our hands in supplication and pray that may Allah S.W.T help us in our endeavours , forgive our major and minor sins and save our good deeds from being destroyed by evil factors. May we also stay firm in our beleif , be among those who will immediate answer the call of our Holy Living Imam A.S and pass the test of the trial of the faithfuls during the time of occultation (Ghaybat). Ameen.

Uncountable salutations are offered upon our Imam-e-Zamana (A.S) by two humble , sinful servants of Islam who pray for their work to be accepted.

Mohammad Taqi and Sughra Khatoon

May Allah and Imam-e-Zamana (A.S) forgive our mistakes in our presentation.