Ahadith-e-Rasool S.A.W

"And we have sent you making you only a mercy for the worlds"
(Holy Quran-21;107)

"I am leaving behind among you the thaqalayn(two valuable things),the Book of Allah(Qur'an)and my progeny(my Ahlul-Bayt). Hold fast to them and you will never go astray,for these two will not part with each even when they return to me at the pool(Kawthar)"

"I and Ali are of one and the same Divine Light"

"Of whomsoever I am Master this Ali is his master"

"Nobody knows Allah except I and Ali
Nobody knows Ali except Allah and I
Nobody knows me except Allah and Ali"

"Almighty God,love those who will love Ali,despise those who will despise him,support those who will support him and reject those who will reject him"

"O Allah! Turn truth with Ali,wherever he turns"

"Ali is to me what Haroon was to Musa"

"I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its Gateway"

"O'Ali! You see all that I see and you hear all that I hear,except that you are not a Prophet,but you are a vicegerent and you are surely on(the path of)virtue"

"Had Allah not created Ali,there would not have been an equal to Fatema"

"Islam succeeded and became manifest only through Ali's sword and Khadija's property"

"Indeed Allah did not grant me better than her(Lady Khadija),she accepted me when people rejected me,she beleived in me when people doubted me,she shared her wealth with me when people deprived me and Allah granted me children only through her"

"Whoever injures Janabe Fatema injures me.And whoever injures me injures Allah.And whoever injures Allah practises unbeleif"

"O'Fatema! If your wrath is incurred,it incurs the wrath of Allah.And if you are happy ,it makes Allah happy too"

"Fatema is a human huri(Virgin),whom whenever I long for Paradise I smell"

"Surely my daughter Fatema is: The Mistress of all women from the beginning to the end, she is part of me and the light of my eyes, she is the flower of my heart and is my soul"

"Fatema is a human huri, who whenever she stands in prayers in the presence of her Lord(Exalted is His name), her light illuminates the skies for the angels like stars shine to people on Earth"

"The best of the women of the world and Paradise are four: Janabe Fatema Binte Muhammad (s.a) , Janabe Maryam Binte Imran , Janabe Khadija Binte Khwaylid , Janabe Asiya Binte Muzahim and my daughter Fatema (s.a) is the leader of them all in this world and the Hereafter"

"On the Day of Rising, a caller shall announce from beyond the veil: O gathered people, lower your eyes so that Fatema the Daughter of Muhammad may pass"