The Heading Towards Karbala

The atmosphere in the holy city of Madina had changed radically after the demise of the Holy Prophet S.A.W. After the martyrdom of Imam Hasan A.S , the next target of Muawiya was Imam Husain A.S as his only wish was to put an end to the life of Imam Husain A.S. Muawiya made every effort in trying to persuade everyone in Madina , Mecca to pay allegiance to Yazid in Shaam. When Imam Husain A.S continuously denied it he became furious which expanded his enmity towards the holy Imam. Many people had already paid allegiance to Yazid because of the fear of being killed by Muawiya but of course he wasn't able to force the ones who only feared Allah.

In 60 A.H in the month of Rajab Muawiya died and now his son Yazid succeeded him and continued in his father's devil plans and footsteps. Yazid wrote a letter to the Governor of Madina , Walid bin-Uqba and demanded the Bayat from Imam Husain A.S. and threatened that:" if He refuses to do so then cut off His head and send it to me." When the Governor of Madina received this letter he invited Imam Husain A.S to the House of the Governor to talk about this issue. But Walid knew that Imam Husain A.S would never yield to Yazid. And so it was. Imam Husain A.S had decided to be sacrificed for Islam and to show Yazid and the world that the heads can be cut off but none of us will pay Bayat to an enemy of Allah.

Many muslim scholars have stated that Imam Husain A.S along with his holy army departured from the holy city of Madina towards Mecca on the 28th of Rajab in 60 A.H. When Imam Husain A.S was asked the reason of His leaving the holy city He answered : "I have refused to yield to Yazid , and now my enemies will not rest till they have cut off my head. I am sparing this city of my holy grandfather the blood shedding on this land." The departure from Madina was a very difficult part for Imam Husain A.S . The separation from His holy daughter Janabe Fatema Sughra , Janabe Ummul-Baneen and Ummul-Momeneen , Janabe Umme-Salma was very difficult and heart-rending as the Holy Imam A.S knew that He wasn't going to return to them. Before Imam Husain A.S left Madina He visited the Holy shrine of His holy grandfather (S.A.W) and the Holy graves of His holy mother and holy brother. The moment had now come when the holy caravan of Imam Husain A.S began to move and every step further was a step closer to the tragedy of Karbala.

May we all make every effort in keeping the message of Imam Husain A.S alive. The lovers of the AhlulBayt will always remember the sacrifices of Imam Husain A.S. We supplicate to Allah to help us to be stronger in our faith , so strong as the servants of Imam Husain A.S in Karbala. Ameen .

Written by Sughra Khatoon daughter of Maulana Maqbool Ahmed.