Ten days have passed by since Ashoora the day when our holy Imam was martyred in Karbala.

What sufferings does the relatives of the Imam now endure? The bodies of Imam Husain A.S and his devotees are left unburied on the burning land of Karbala and the holy ladies and all the innocent children are tied in ropes as captives .The tents of Imam Husain A.S have been burnt and the tyrants have uncovered the holy ladies.

The journey from Karbala to Kufa has begun with the looted caravan .Our sick Imam , Imam Zainul-Abedeen A.S the son of Imam Husain A.S is bound in heavy chains and forced to walk barefooted as the Bibiís are forced to sit on bare backs of the camels and with their necks and hands tied tightly in ropes.

The caravan suffered the tortures of the journey and when they reached Kufa they were forced to march through public roads and streets.

Suddenly the camel of the holy daughter of Imam Husain , Bibi Sakina and the holy sister of Imam Husain , Bibi Zainab , stopped near a house. Bibi Zainab looked at Janabe Sakina and knew that she had something on her mind. She asked her and Bibi Sakina answered:

" I am about to say something , I know my dear aunt , that at this moment it is impossible to you to fulfil it." When Bibi Zainab insisted, Bibi Sakina replied :"Oh my dear aunt my throat is so dry I do not think I can endure my thirst anymore." This begging for water was heard by the women who were on the roof of the houses. The roofs were crowded so that they could see the holy caravan march clearly. Among these women , a goodhearted lady stood up from the crowd and rushed home to bring water for Bibi Sakina.

But when she came near the camel and near Bibi Zainab she asked for a favour in return and said to Bibi Zainab that: " when this thirsty child has tasted this water I want her to pray for me." On hearing this Bibi Zainab prevented Bibi Sakina from tasting the water and said to her :

"Dear Sakina ,at first fulfil this ladyís request. Bibi Zainab asked the lady what Sakina should pray for and she answered that :" please pray for me oh my dear child that may never my children be orphans like you , because I am aware of that God always listen's to the prayer of an orphan!" Bibi Sakina raised her torn and burnt piece of cloth she was wearing and prayed for this lady. Then Bibi Zainab asked about her second wish? The lady answered:" My second desire is that I wish to visit Madina ,please pray for me that God will give me the opportunity to visit this holy city." On hearing the name of Madina Bibi Zainab asked the lady why she wanted to go this sacred place?

She answered :" Because I long to visit the Holy grave of our Holy Prophet(S.A.W) and I would also like to meet my holy lady Bibi Fatema S.A." Bibi Zainab replied: " But donít you know Bibi Fatema S.A is no longer alive?"

"So what , the lady said, I have also served her holy daughters Bibi Zainab and Bibi Umme-Kulsoom. I will go to Madina to have my last chance to have the honor to meet them." Now Bibi Zainab asked her one final question:

" Dear momina ,if you would see your lady Zainab would you recognize her?" She immediately answered:"Of course I would!" Thereafter Bibi Zainab removed her hair and cried:" Then your prayer has been answered , behold Umme-Habiba!! itís me Zainab , then why don't you recognize me! , why donít you recognize us all?

Umme-Habiba began to cry and said:" Oh God , what crime have you committed so that you are being tortured this brutally?" Bibi Zainab continued : "We are the children of the Holy Prophet S.A.W , your master has been martyred along with his devotees and left unburied on the burning sand in Karbala , their heads have been taken and raised on the lances . Look ahead Umme-habiba ! Your masterís head is in front of you , the head which lips are reciting the holy Quraan!

Umme-Habiba slapped her head and cried out loudly :" Assalaam-u-Alaika Ya Aba-Abdillah !!!!

Written by :
Sughra Khatoon daughter of Maulana Maqbool Ahmed Saheb.