"Faithful men and faithful women all of them are one another's friends and helpers as they ordain to one another the good and prevent evils,establish prayer,pay Zakat and obey God and the Messenger.These are the people on whom God will soon shower Mercy as He is Almighty and Wise." (The Holy Quran ;9-71)

This website is created by M.Taqi & my wife Sughra Khatoon

All praise is due Allah , the Lord of the worlds , who created mankind and made for them ideal and perfect examples to follow throughout their fight against evil. The followers of the Holy Prophet S.A.W and the Ahlul-Bayt A.S can indeed not reach up to their level but we are ordered to follow the path they have paved for us. Among our obligations we are also invited to enjoin what's right and forbid what's wrong.

"Do not abandon the obligation of enjoining right and forbidding wrong. If you do, your bad folk shall reign supreme over you, and then you will implore God's grace, yet your prayer would not be answered".
(Imam Ali A.S)

I and my wife who is the team of mushkilkosha.net have created this website by the name of our Holy Imam Hazrat Ali A.S , the Leader of the Faithfuls and the distributor of Heaven and Hell. We beseech to our Maula to help and guide us and to accept our endeavours. We will make every effort in presenting the Religion of Truth and our aim is that the momeneen and momenaat all around the world shall benefit from our work and find it useful and beneficial. I and my wife belong to Nowgawan Sadat (U.P-India) but we are living in Sweden. At last we implore to Allah that may our work help us to have the right of intercession on the Day of Resurrection and may our Lord guide us all truth seekers to His Right Path. Ameen

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M.Taqi Abbas Nowganwi & Sughra Khatoon Nowganwi
"O Lord! Accept our effort as You are the best Hearer and Knower."(The Holy Quran ;2-127)

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JASHN-E-FATAHE KARBALA 2008 In Lucknow-India
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