The Ahl-e-Haram was imprisoned as captives for almost a year and during this imprisonment in Shaam they lost the beloved daughter of Imam Husain A.S , Janabe Sakina , who died of the wounds caused by the whips and slaps by the tyrants. After a year the Ahlul-Bayt was released from the prison of Shaam ,the heavy chains and the ropes were untied and they were free to go.

When Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen A.S told Bibi Zainab about the final liberation ,the first thing she said was :” My dear nephew tell Yazid that he should give us a room where I can declare the mourning congregation for the martyrs of Karbala “.The wish of Bibi Zainab was fulfilled and the first Majlis-e-Aza (which is the “Sunnat-e-Zainab”),was addressed by Janabe Zainab ,the Holy sister of Imam Husain A.S in Damascus.

Janabe Zainab recited the mourning sermon and grieved for Imam Husain A.S and all the martyrs of Karbala.Later the Holy caravan returned to Karbala to say farewell to the Holy graves of their martyrs . Every Bibi came to their beloved grave's ,crying and lamenting:” We are on our way to Madina, now tell us what to answer Janabe Sughra when she will look for you all everywhere .Tell us how will she take this sorrow.Will she carry the strength to hear about the tragedy of Karbala.”

When they had wailed and grieved for their martyrs at their graves ,the caravan began to move towards the holy city of Madina. Before their entrance in Madina it was announced to the citizens that Imam Husain A.S along with His companions had been martyred in Karbala.Now the survivors of the Holy Family of Imam Husain A.S was returning.Everyone in Madina lamented and began to slap their heads and cried in this grief.When the sick daughter of Imam Husain A.S, Janabe Fatema Sughra heard this sad news, she appeared from her abode ,but she could barely walk due to her sickness,and wept saying: “Please end this sad announcement , this can’t be true. I have waited so long for my father and my brothers to return to Madina “.

But soon the Holy caravan entered the holy city of their grandfather S.A.W. Bibi Zainab and Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen A.S stepped down from the camels and approached Janabe Sughra and their grandmother Janabe Umme-Salma who immediately embraced them all and began to weep and wail.When Janabe Umme-Salma embraced the sick Imam (A.S),He told his grandmother to be careful because the back of the Holy Imam was deeply wounded by the whips of the tyrants.

Janabe Sughra searched everywhere for her father ,for her brothers and for her beloved sister Bibi Sakina and I can't imagine how Janabe Zainab told everyone about the tragedy of Karbala and how they all managed to hear about it.Also how difficult it must have been for Janabe Sughra and Janabe Umme-Salma to look at the wounds and the bruises that were on the bodies of the Ahl-e-Haram .

Our Holy Imam Husain A.S along with his family offered the great Sacrifices to save Islam .The lovers of Imam Husain A.S will truly remember these sacrifices till the Day of Judgement and will continue to mourn in this grief.We will always try our best to keep the message of Imam Husain A.S alive and heard.At last ,may Bibi Fatema S.A the Holy mother of Imam Husain A.S and Imam-e-Zamana(A.S) accept our condolences.

Written by: Sughra Khatoon .