Hazrat Imam Husain A.S

The precious son of the Commander of the Faithful (A.S) and Janabe Fatema Zehra (S.A) and the beloved grandson of the Noble Messenger(S.A.W) and Janabe Khadijat-ul-Kubra was born in Madina-e-Munawwara. On His birth the Prophet of Islam S.A.W named His grandson ,Husain (A.S),by the command of Allah and recited the azaan in the right ear and aqamah in the left ear. On this birthday occasion Allah sent His angel Hazrat Jibraeel to congratulate the Prophet of Allah S.A.W and to inform Him (S.A.W) about the martyrdom of His grandson.

Receiving the horrible news of the shahadat of His holy grandson the Holy Prophet S.A.W used to grieve for this tragedy and respected and loved Him more than anything. Now the Holy Prophet S.A.W openly prophesied to His followers that Islam was going to be rescued by His second grandson through His sacrifices in Karbala. There are many ahadith which casts a light on the love of the Prophet of Islam S.A.W for His grandson Imam Husain A.S and His merits:

1.Hasan and Husain are the Leaders of the youths of Paradise.

2.Husain is from me and I am from Husain

3.The punishment inflicted on the murderer of Husain in Hell would be equal to half of the total punishment to be imposed on the entire sinners of the world.

4.“O’ Fatema, the men and women of a particular sect of my followers ,who will befriend my Ahlul-Bayt , will mourn for Husain and commemorate His martyrdom each year in every century.”

The lovers of Imam Husain A.S will never quit remembering the sacrifices of their Holy Imam Husain A.S even if they are forced to give their lives for this grief. Right now everywhere in this world the lovers of the Ahlul-Bayt A.S are united to participate in expressing this grief , reviving the message of Imam Husain A.S and to extend their condolences to Janabe Fatema Zehra S.A. The story of Karbala has begun once again and will continue this way.

After the martyrdom of Imam Hasan A.S the charge of Imamat was handed over to the last star of the Holy Panjetan. Imam Husain A.S was now totally alone in an hostile atmosphere in Madina. Mawiyah had now nominated his son Yazid to the throne. Imam Husain A.S as his Holy father decided to go into seclusion in Madina and to continue to peacefully worship Allah. Yazid demanded Imam Husain A.S to pay allegiance to him. The people in Madina yielded to Yazid in the fear of death and destruction.

But our Holy Imam Husain A.S would never yield to the tyrant and let the truth surrender to falsehood. Imam Husain A.S now decided to leave the city of Madina and visited the shrine of His holy grandfather , His mother and His brother to bid farewell.The Imam gathered the chosen ones for His caravan which was leaving Madina towards Karbala to lay down their lives for Islam. Imam Husain’s A.S caravan left Madina and arrived in Mecca for the pilgrimage.

But the enemies of Imam Husain was chasing Him everywhere and were ready to murder the holy Imam even during the pilgrimage. As the Imam was informed about the evil plans of Yazid He decided to leave the holiest place of Islam . In the respect of the holy Kaaba Imam Husain A.S left Mecca. The Holy Imam had now also received the news of the martyrdom of His deputy Janabe Muslim and couldn’t proceed towards Kufa , along with His caravan they were now approaching an unknown destination , named Karbala.

At the arrival in Karbala the holy caravan stopped and the horse of Imam Husain A.S refused to move further.The holy Imam enquired the name of the place and some said: “Shatt-ul-Furat, Nainawa, Ghazarya. At last someone said that this land is also called Karbala. On hearing the name of Karbala Imam Husain A.S smiled and thanked God for helping him to arrive to His destination where His sacrifices were going to take place. The forces of Yazid continued to chase the holy caravan of Imam Husain A.S and now reached the plains of Karbala .

The war between the Truth and Falsehood had begun. Imam Husain’s dearest companions and disciples laid down their lives first and when they all were martyred the members of the holy family of Imam Husain stood next to be martyred. Bravely one by one emerged in the battlefield of Karbala and fought the army of Yazid. But they were all suffering three days of thirst and hunger and were all slained by the devils army. The moment had now come when Imam Husain A.S were standing alone and when all of His devotees were martyred. All alone and surrounded by the army of Yazid Imam Husain A.S called for His noble companions , brothers , nephews and sons who had offered their lives for Imam Husain A.S. The tyrants had brutally martyred everyone even the six months old baby , Janabe Ali-Asghar. Now covered with blood from head to foot the Imam gave His last call saying:

“Hal min Nasirin Yansorona?”(Is there any helper to help us?)

The call was heard by the son of Imam Husain A.S, Hazrat Zain-ul-Abedeen A.S who was sick with a high fever. Trembling and bravely He slowly got up from the bed to accept the call and said:

“Labbayk Ya Abata !Yes , my dear father, I’m here.”

But Imam Husain A.S sent His son back to the tent and said: ” My dear son , I am handing over the charge of Imamat to you , after my martyrdom you will face the tortures and calamities together with all the holy ladies but I advise you to be patient whatever that will befall you and never get angry or curse our enemies. The Holy Imam at last separated from His sisters , wives and daughters and the most difficult part was to separate from His beloved daughter Sakina who didn't let her father proceed towards the battlefield. She said crying:

”My dear Father , please don’t leave me. I have seen that the one who went to the battlefield never came back because they were all martyred. I know that if you’ll do the same I will never see you again.” It was the hardest part for the Imam to console His 4-year old daughter Sakina. Imam Husain (A.S) whispered something in her ear that made Sakina calm and that she could let go her father . Janabe Zainab helped Imam Husain A.S to amount his horse Zul-Jinah. The holy Imam was moving towards the battlefield for the absolute submission to the Lord. Fighting against the devilish forces Imam Husain A.S had his mind remained for His last prayer.

The moment had now come when a call from heaven was announced that the Lord asked the Imam to now enter the paradise. Imam Husain A.S quit fighting and wounded and covered with blood and arrows slowly rolled over to the burning desert of Karbala by the help of His faithful horse. When Imam Husain A.S was engaged in his last prayer He was martyred by Shimr in the position of prostration. The Zibh-e-Azeem was fulfilled by Imam Husain A.S ,the ground of Karbala were shaking ,black clouds were visible and a voice was heard loudly:


Now we know what calamities and tortures that befalled afterwards. Our hearts will always cry in this grief because this sorrow is superior to everything. We pray to Allah to help us to be the true followers of Imam Husain A.S and may our Holy Prophet S.A.W and Janabe Fatema Zehra S.A accept our azadari. O’ Allah keep us firmly on the right path just like how the devotees of Imam Husain (A.S) showed their Faith in Karbala so that we are able to join the supporters of Imam-e-Zamana (A.S) on His reappearance!



Written by Sughra Khatoon daughter of Maulana Maqbool Ahmed.